We went and saw sunflowers.

What I really want to write here is, "I'm waving the white flag on being pregnant and Jesus save us all because 31 1/2 weeks is too hard and I needed a distraction from my pity party". Bless.  

Spending an evening as a family (yelling at the kids about getting muddy) was just what we needed. Pretty soon there will be 5 of us and I don't even know how to manage that. So, therapeutic sunflower field? Yes, please. 

Enjoy your Friday. Your weekend. Your day off work on Monday. All of it :) 

Also- family photo credit goes to the talented Ashley Mahoney of Hello Big Idea. So fun bumping into you again. Sidenote- I see her everywhere and one time I shouted out of my mom-van window to say hello at a brewery and scared the crap out of her :) It was so cute.