This is how the conversation went:

Briana- Want to take a girls' trip in a few years? 

Me- Yes

And then somehow that turned into a trip to Washington 3 months later.

With 5 ½ kids between us, both working jobs from home with kids at home on summer break, it was a much needed reality-stop. We might have had zero business navigating Seattle traffic, starting a beach fire at night (thanks to a 12 year old who told us we were doing it all wrong), or hiking at 5 months pregnant, but we did it. That Beyonce is full of crap because being an independent woman is kind of hard. We made a list of things to Google while in Washington because our other halves weren’t there to help (only I’m not sure they would have known either). Our list included: Where does driftwood come from? Where does the placenta attach to (legit question that we still don’t know)? How do you put gas in the tiniest car ever? What animals can eat me in Crescent Lake? Why is there a rainforest in America and I didn’t know about it? Do we really need to pay a parking ticket if it’s just a rental car? So needless to say, we learned a lot on our trip and were aok with coming home to our husbands who can help out with life’s big questions.

I’m going to give myself a solid C+ in blogging and writing, so I’ll give you the short list of what we did and some pictures.

Day 1- Pike’s Place for mac-and-cheese (2nd best meal of the trip) and a parking ticket, a bazillion hour drive to the coast (Seattle traffic is no joke), picnic dinner at Lake Quinault, sunset at 3rd Beach, Quileute Resort in La Push

Day 2- Walking the coast in La Push, hiking the Hoh Rainforest, lounging on the beach blanket at Ruby Beach, nighttime fire on the beach in La Push

Day 3- Lunch in Port Angeles, Kayaking at Lake Crescent, dinner on the lake at Lake Crescent Resort (best meal ever)

Day 4- Hiking to Marymere Falls, walking around Hurricane Ridge, dinner in Port Angeles, took the beach blanket, pillows, and dessert to the lake dock and listened to an audio book like real moms on vacation.