Our announcement.

I've written and unwritten this post so many times. One time we had pregnancy announcement photos taken and later had to email the photographer, telling her that we no longer needed them. Instead of a cute baby bump picture, our lives were looking more like this: 

A few months later, when the nurse called us 5 minutes before we left for our movie date night, and told us to "Google it" when I asked one too many questions about our diagnosis of hydrosalpinx, and I cried through Deadpool, that sucked. We were finding ourselves in the gray of infertility. Crap. 

I still don't understand the weeks that followed. We had just been told that I wasn't pregnant and that it couldn't happen. We had one more pregnancy test left and I wanted to waste it so that I wouldn't have any left. 

When the sonogram technician told us that she thought it was a mistake that we were on her list that day, that it probably wasn't a baby, that it would probably miscarry, that sucked too. 

But here we are.


And we don't really look like this picture (minus the reaction to crappy sunscreen on my leg, that was real). Our journey didn't look this. We aren't the Pinterest of pregnancy announcements. We prayed prayers of anger and frustration. We weren't hopeful all the time. One Sunday, every pregnant woman ever in Johnson County sat in our row at church and I totally ugly-jealous-cried. The blessing given to us (clearly) isn't because we were great Christ followers who deserved it. Absolutely not. But I believe that God delights in us. I know that to be true. 

So we're pregnant! Our sweet baby will be here on November 2nd (haha....due dates....). 

Photo Credit- Bumblebee Photography in Destin, FL