Forced Family Fun.

It's a special kind of fun when we travel with our kids. We're either eating, screaming, or trying to figure out what that smell is. For 32 hours. We drove through snow, sleet, fog, flood, and sun. Because southerners get their seasons right and skip all but sun. 

In between all the sunburns and sand and ocean tides, was just us. 

And iPads because no one has time to take unoccupied kids to public places.  

My little family is my world, but the piles of work and everything in the day-to-day make me forget that. It's not so much that you get to relax on vacation (because no one relaxes on kid-vacations, all), but your priorities become just family and food. I love that. It reminds you of your blessings and your overflowing cup. 

Except Sela. She got in some relaxation while I went and fetched her towel, sunglasses, and drink and whatever else a relaxing person needs. #momservant 

On one of our beach days, we came upon this little gem of a playground. The kids and I went through this list and broke every single rule because of the disclaimer at the bottom. We had a fun time doing it too. 

We stopped in Arkansas on the way home and found a duckurkey (a duck that looks like its mom might have been a turkey).

I don't think it so much matters where you take your kids. Their memories are focused on what time we spend with them. Discovering a duckurkey together....that's family time right there.