THe Day Archer Was Born.

Being invited into the sacred space, to bear witness to the very beginnings- it’s insanely humbling. Birth photos are still a relatively new thing. They serve as visual reminders that love was present and waiting. They are photos that immediately transport you back to the nervous feelings and excitement. They are photos that when we are gone, when these babies are grown and lives have been lived, will serve as evidences of meaning and mattering.

This is the story of the day Kelsey + Jared welcomed Baby Archer into their lives.

The Wedding of Patrick + Rachel.

Watching people come together, love on each other, and celebrate the merging of friendships and families makes for a day full of the most precious displays of humanity. Every moment of Patrick + Rachel’s wedding was worth taking note of.

I could never serve their story in a sum of a few photos, but here are a few that attest to the goodness I saw on their wedding day.

The Wedding of Scott + Tara

Scott + Tara were married on June 1st. I was given the gift of standing in places I didn’t deserve to have access to, experiencing their day as closely as possible. It was a wedding day that revolved around sacred moments- both with each other and their important people- allowing their photos to be a reflection of the goodness in their lives.

This is the story of their day, June 1st.

Family Trip to Philadelphia.

Images from our family trip to celebrate Michael + Rachel’s wedding.

Umm where's the manual for this?

There's like a 100% chance that you've seen a wedding image before.

We have a never-ending loop of curated images available for our viewing at all times.

But when it comes to having your own photograph taken, what makes one matter more than the others?

Who was the image intended for?

What fragile memory does that photo hold?

I asked these questions to my friend Katie, who’s wedding I photographed just 4 months ago. On the way to their reception, she surprised her groom with a stop at one of their favorite bars. It looked like this:

Kansas City Wedding Photographer

Now that your wedding has been relocated to memory, what resonates with you when you see the images from that location?

Just how much fun we had. I think everyone in the wedding party was excited and I loved how surprised Brett was. It gave us some time to just be with our friends and not really worry about pictures or saying hi to people. We just got to enjoy our closest friends before the craziness of the reception!

Do you feel like the photos from that location translate your memories more accurately than others?

I just feel like they show how much fun we were having and enjoying our group of friends. We are fortunate to have known our entire wedding party for a long time and we’ve all be a part of each other’s lives for years...I think this was shown in our photos!

Looking at your entire wedding gallery, are there any specific images that you feel accurately reflect how you and Brett both felt that day?

Gosh! Too many to count! A few of my favorites (that aren’t portraits) were the ones after the ceremony where we are walking back into the church and Brett is holding my train, one during the reception when my brother is speaking and we’re both laughing (Brett is leaning back with his hand on his forehead), and one during the ceremony when we are laughing along with the pastor (possibly because I was reminding him of the vows). Oh and let’s not forget the photos we took right outside the venue toward the end of the night. Brett’s response when he saw one of the photos was, “You look so happy.” I think the smiles on our faces in ALL of the photos show how we truly felt! We are so grateful for the memories that will be kept alive through photos!

I don’t know if there’s a right or wrong answer to any of these questions. I believe that there is a place at the table for everybody. I believe there is a uniquely perfect photographer for every uniquely perfect person.

I decided to share my answers with these photos.

Each of these photos are a corroboration of what really happened.

There is no epic location in any of them.

They are only substantiated by who is in them and what they are doing.

I can’t speak for these people. They might not like that photo or that memory.

I choose to believe the photos that

perfectly reflect how you love,

how you are loved,

how you feel,

how you felt,