I'm a documentary photographer from Kansas City. I don't do a whole lot of sit-and-smile photos during our time together. I believe there is currency in authenticity and truth. I document my couples and families living their relationships so that I am able to gift them back with images that carry a reassuring peace and lasting reminder that love was present. 99.99% of our days feel urgent. I believe that shooting through an honest and empathetic lens lends itself to freezing the fragility of the present in your images. Pinterest gives me anxiety and I just don't shoot that way. I try my best to get to know you before our time together so that you feel comfortable and don't feel the need to self-edit or filter who you are. Your relationships are worthy and deserve to be respected, told, and preserved for generations to come.

My story includes a husband who I met on a pretty weird blind date. He snores and I’ve kicked him in his sleep every night for the last 11 years (he’ll never read this, I could say anything right now). We have 3 kids and a terrible dog named Kitty. We are insanely far from perfect, but there's a lot of love. Eating late at night is one of my favorite sports. I have a vacuuming schedule and I refuse to eat fish.

what i shoot with

Canon Markiii

Canon 6D

Canon 35mm 1.4

Canon 24mm 1.4

Canon 85mm 1.2

Canon 135mm 2